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Propane is a combustible gas which is a byproduct of petroleum products and gas refineries. This gas is compressed to transform it in to liquid state which makes it easy for transportation and storage. This gas when in liquid state often called as liquid propane is used for different purposes in industries as well in domestic utilities like they can be used for water heaters and cooking gas and they can be used for oxy-gas welding and as a car fuel.

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This gas in almost 6.9 million American homes is used as cooking gas and when there are so much of uses of the gas the there should be effective mobility and effective storage techniques. All these features have been taken care of by the liquid propane tanks, these tanks are designed to store the propane gas for effective mobility and transports and sometimes used as storage devices by many distributors which replace the filled tanks for the empty tanks.

There are some of the companies which are specialized in building such liquid propane tanks, they build them according to the convenience of storage and transport and the safety feature is the prime concern. These liquid propane tanks are very useful for transporting the gas from one destination to another and to make this mobility easy there are some tractors and trailers which help in the transport of liquid propane tanks. The storage capacity of these liquid propane tanks often varies in the range of 3000 gallon to 10000 gallon. Al though there are some o the liquid propane tanks which are used for household use or in cars which are of size of 2o pound or 30 pound pressure vessels, the 20lb cylinder holds 4.7 gallon of liquid propane but is referred as 5 gallon bottles. Whenever these tanks are filled they are filled up to 80% only and remaining 20%is left for the expansion of the gas. Liquid propane generally boils ate44°F this boiling process creates vapor on which all the appliances run. There are sizes of 10 gallons to 50 gallon liquid propane tanks which are used as water heaters.

The different sizes of the liquid propane tanks can be differentiated as Bulk Storage having 20,000gallons, Domestic has 124 to 20,000 gallons, Motor fuel has capacity of 60 to 250 gallons, Standby fuel has 124 to 50,000 gallons, Underground storage 500 to 5,000 gallons and DOT tanks MC 124 to 3,ooo gallons. All these tanks while filling have three common indications to understand the liquid propane tanks is full, firstly there is a device OPD (Overfilling Prevention Device) which floats on liquid propane inside the tank which floats at the top when the liquid propane tanks are full, secondly these OPDs emit fog when the tanks are full and thirdly by weighing the tanks, which have a special arithmetic formula to calculate whether the tank is full or not.

Propane gas is highly explosive hence needs more security measures and to sell or store this gas you need to have a valid license from the respective governments. Propane gas has tendency to leak from the nozzles, say due to any reasons and when the gas is leaked it accumulates in cozy places being heavier than air, if such incident happen please contact the emergency fire numbers and always have the Fire safety equipments ready.


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