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Liquid Propane gas is the type of the Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) family. It is a fuel which is dwelled out both from the oil wells and gas wells. It is not a gas that occurs naturally.

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When the crude oil  or methane is refined, a new petroleum product is formed , named as  Liquid Propane  which is then pressurized to form vapors called  Propane gas. This propane gas is also termed as liquidified petroleum. Some call this fuel as Liquid Propane gas. Since Propane is stored in the form of the liquid hence it is commonly called Liquid Propane gas. The chemical formula for this is C3H8 meaning 3 molecules of carbon to 8 molecules of hydrogen. In Europe this Liquid Propane gas is termed as auto gas.

Coming to the chemical properties of the liquid propane, it has boiling point of -44 degree Fahrenheit equivalent to 7 degrees Centigrade. When it has a temperature of -45 degrees Fahrenheit it becomes a gas. At the temperature of -50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Centigrade, liquid propane becomes really cold thus becoming hazardous and can cause frost bite if the human skin is touched by it. When physical properties are concerned liquid propane is without any color, taste and odor. It looks exactly like a glass. Since it is a fuel so this gas is utilized for the purpose of getting energy .The gas is mostly used in vehicles, powerhouses, generators etc.

Liquid Propane gas is used both in liquid form and gas form depending what the system actually requires. The two forms cannot be used at once in any system. Systems use any one of the two forms. Vapor form of Propane is required by heating systems such as cooking ranges and other cooking devices like grills, house holding heating systems etc. The liquid form is there in the storage tanks since it is stored under pressure. When the pressure is released and the liquid comes under unpressurized zone at the regular temperature, it becomes gas.

In the automotive industry, Liquid propane gas is highly utilized. This gas is mainly in use in the truck industry since its discovery from 1913 .If anybody wants to use this gas for its car, converting kits are there for utilizing this specific fuel. If we talk about the factors that make Liquid Propane gas attractive and appealing to the consumers to utilize it, the most prominent and important factor is its in-house production in several countries. If specifically the United States of America is taken it is produced there, which cuts down the cost of buying petrol from other countries which have monopoly due to the petroleum abundance. When Liquid propane gas is oxidized, it produces less harmful bi-products in the air, making the environment less polluted. Other notable factor about Liquid Propane gas is, it is consumed less per gallon meaning thereby giving more energy, so cost is reduced per gallon.

With positivity there are negativities also associated with Liquid Propane gas. Instantly frostbite can incur if it gets in touch with the human epidermal skin. If the cylinder of this gas bursts off, it can cause huge destruction making the whole building collapse. Since it is a petroleum byproduct so it will eventually run out of the environment and is not a renewable source at all.


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